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Craig Tomanini

Founder - Victory Christian Media

I have been a Christian since 2009, by the grace of God I was rescued from certain death. In my professional career I am responsible managing multi-million dollar projects and I have been the owner of several businesses some successful and some not...I have learned through these experiences many things but none more important that to operate in a manner that is focused on integrity and professionalism.

As a Christian I am also an active member of the Worship Team as a Drummer along with honor of teaching in Children's Church as well as a pastoral role from time to time as part of the Church Leadership. As the founder of this ministry I hope to build this to a level that is glorifying to God. Although we are unsure what he has for this ministry we are hopeful that we will be aware and receptive to the guidance God provides so we can do his will.


Starting Saturday January 7th - Tune in at 4pm MST for Mainstream Mormonism with Lee Baker

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Victory Christian Media is an innovative and agressive approach to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of Internet Radio and other broadcast outlets...We are assembling a powerful team of Gods children to help us accomplish this mission. We believe there is an awakening upon us (a Revivalution) and that it is our time to be bold and stand up for our faith and remain focused on bringing the truth to everyone we can that will listen.

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Do you often find yourself wondering how you could reach out to serve the community more? As Christians sometimes finding the right place to spend some of your spare time and feel like you have made a difference can be tricky. 

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